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NSFM's Connective Communication Series

  • Family Meetings
  • The Code (based on Nonviolent Communication)
  • Empowering Questions
  • Downloading Days
  • Conscious Message Filter


Emotional Freedom Techniques

The simple, yet amazingly effective technique to help children deal with the emotional "traumas" of everything from a bad dream to losing a loved one.


Reading Right

If a child isn't able to read, it's not because there's something wrong with the child, it's because we haven't found the right way to help the child learn.


Fun & Challenging Games that will get the whole family involved!


Exclusive NSFM Leading-Edge Articles

That address REAL emotions and offer REAL solutions.


Plus, Empowering Stories for Kids and Teens

Santa Fe Sisters

That Fishing Feeling


In These Articles, You'll Learn:

no How to Resolve Conflicts

no What Questions to Ask Kids on a Regular Basis To Keep Your Kids Away from Drugs, Alcohol, and Teen Pregnancy

no The Basic Agreements that are Essential to Any Family Meeting

no The Simple Habit You Can Begin Today to Make Sure Your Kid Still Talks to You as a Teenager

no The Proof that Reading is About More than Just Phonics

no How to Advocate for Your Child

no How to Ensure Your Child's Success at School

no How to Create Healthy Communication

no And Much More!



"I wanted to tell you all that this magazine is so amazing!! This weekend, my fiance Jay, his kids and I were able to climb amazing mountains because of the techniques, stories, and articles in the magazine.

I even saw my soon to be step-daughter having a major meltdown (while I kept my cool) and she just sat on the floor crying and grabbed a NSFM magazine and began reading an article she really liked and related to (Santa Fe sisters) and I swear it calmed her right down before my very eyes and helped her to get her focus.

Also, I feel better about my parenting skills after this weekend. Krista had been telling Jay and I that she was not ready for us to get married (even though she loves me dearly, it's two separate things). I told her that I'm going to continue to be happy about getting married whether or not she is okay with it (which seemed to surprise her tremendously), and that if she changed her mind and ever felt like she was ready for us to get married she could feel free to tell us, but that it was not a requirement of us getting married.

Last night before bed she said "I have something important to tell you- I'm okay with you and Dad getting married. And also, I would like it if Brandon and I could be more involved with the wedding. It feels like you and Dad are making a lot of plans and we're not really involved that much. And also, I was wondering if we could have a family honeymoon before the wedding, since Brandon and I won't be going to Mexico with you and Dad on your honeymoon?"


It may seem like small things to an outsider, but trust me when I tell you that it's HUGE in this family. This painful back and forth drama could have continued for months if she hadn't been taught to listen to her feelings, and trust that she had the answers inside of her--All those things are new to her.

Thank you!

Kim Bray-Morse

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"While being a parent is a source of joy and happiness, the act of parenting is a very difficult task at times so having postive, encouraging, and enlightening information presented in "digestable chunks" is incredibly helpful. We don't always have time to sit down and read the latest parenting book from cover to cover in a timely manner so relevant information of that nature in article lengths without "the fluff" is a welcome resource. I will continue to share my enthusiasm for your work within my circle of friends and beyond whenever possible."


Jen Strohl

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