It's Quite A Story!

Who We Are

We are three people with a passion for empowering kids; a single mother who decided to do something different than her parents did, her daughter who knows what it is to be an empowered kid and grow into an empowered adult, and a man who found and cared for an abandoned baby on the streets of India when he was a teenager, and still dreams of helping kids. We know that parenting is more than just feeding and protecting. Conscious parenting is about commitment, inspiration, and empowerment. We are began this magazine to support you in the parenting process and to support your kids in realizing their full potential.

Founding Beliefs

At North Star Family Matters we operate according to the following beliefs:

  • Every child is born with an innate curiosity and love of learning.
  • Every child is unique and his/her individuality is valuable to the family and the world.
  • Every child is born with unbounded potential.
  • Any child can have high self esteem, be self-motivated, and be respectful of themselves and others if given the appropriate tools and experiences.
  • How we treat our toddlers and children today has a direct influence on their self-opinion and the choices they will make as teenagers and young adults.

As parents, it is our responsibility to:

  • Support our children's unique talents and abilities.
  • Foster our children's innate curiosity and love of learning.
  • Empower our kids to make meaningful decisions every day.
  • Respect our children's thoughts, ideas, & emotions.
  • Help our children reach their full potential.
  • Treat our children with the same respect, understanding, and love that we expect them to show toward us.
  • Acknowledge that parenting is as much a learning process for us as for our children.

Our Timeline

June 2006 Wendy wakes up with the idea of starting a parenting magazine, talks to Sue & Prem, they start by Googling "how to start a magazine..."
January 2007 They send their first issue off to the printers and distribute 30,000 copies throughout the Puget Sound area. It's a monthly magazine and before the month is through they have already received phone calls and emails in praise of the magazine
November 2007

Customer feedback has been fantastic, but advertising revenue hasn't been what they expected. So they decide to reach out through other avenues, namely a direct mail campaign to Unity Churches across the country.

ONE WEEK LATER, they receive a call from someone at Unity Village in Kansas City (the headquarters of Unity Church). Somehow, their little Seattle-based magazine has made it's way to Missouri and Unity is interested in collaborating with NSFM.

December 2007 Wendy, Sue, & Prem make a last-minute trip to Unity Village to meet with the Unity team and discuss possible collaboration. Unity had been wanting to produce a parenting website, but didn't have anyone to provide content. NSFM needs broader exposure and Unity's well-known name offers help.
February 2008 Unity and NSFM sign a contract to collaborate on a joint website,
April 2008 Wendy, Sue, & Prem make another trip to Kansas City. While there, they follow up, check in, and let the other 590 people at Unity know about their partnership and intentions. Things haven't happened as quickly as they had hoped and the website is behind schedule.
September 2008 The UnityFamilyMatters website is still not ready to launch a PR campaign, NSFM is running low on funds, and they decide to take three months off of printing to gather their resources and find other options. Turns out they had put all their "eggs" in Unity's basket and need to find a plan b.
November 2008 Unity & NSFM decide to dissolve the agreement, Officially, Unity cites NSFM's failure to publish the magazine as a breach of contract to terminate the agreement.
What Next? NSFM has not secured funding to continue printing and is considering refunding their current subscribers and finding other (lower overhead) ways of getting the message out.

Our Bios

Wendy Garrido

wendy garrido

Wendy grew up as an empowered child. From the earliest age she made decisions based on choices given to her, including deciding which schools best supported her natural love of learning. In spite of being raised in a single-parent household, and going through several relocations and having attended (or at least "tried out") twelve different schools before 5th grade, she emerged with her innate love of learning and self-confidence intact, which have served as the driving force of her life. After spending a year in France as an au pair, she went on to graduate from the University of Chicago with degrees in Psychology & Economics. Wendy is also an EFT practitioner and has worked with people from age 3 to 93 to successfully relieve their fears, anxiety, and stresses. She's found her empowered childhood to be the single most important factor in her balance and success today. She began North Star Family Matters with the inspiration that every child in this world might have the self-confidence, assertiveness, and love of learning to make healthy decisions in their own lives.

Sue Woodward

sue woodward

Sue is a Baby Boomer born in Detroit, Michigan in a typical, dysfunctional family of the 50's. She is also Wendy's mother and raised three empowered daughters as a single parent, in spite of bouts of depression, unemployment, severe medical issues and extreme levels of stress. The techniques and values she developed for raising three confident, self-motivated, curious children are backed by numerous scientific studies and form the philosophical base of North Star Family Matters. In addition, Sue has had an eclectic array of business management successes including Photo Operations Manager at Newsweek, Vice President of a celebrity jet company and an engineering company, and over ten years managing her own consulting business based on empowering companies with profit sharing and the creative process. She is also an EFT coach and has had great success helping parents and kids tune into their creativity to "think outside the box". Her dream is to impact the world of parenting via magazines, books, and movies to empower kids with new techniques for building self-esteem from within.

Prem Carnot

prem carnot

Prem was born in France and spent his school-age years in British boarding schools in India. He made in-depth studies of several major religions without finding a philosophy that truly resonated with his inner ideals of personal growth, mutual respect, and clear boundaries of personal responsibility. As a teenager, he raised his younger sister during her first year of life. Prem brings an extensive background in business and the hospitality industry. His dream is to help kids create the life that is inherent in their potential and one day opening an orphanage that empowers kids without families.





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